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Welcome to the new-look store! Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, Japan Post is still not accepting airmail packages. So we can’t offer free or economy shipping and have to rely on express/courier services (EMS, DHL).

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We bring you a selection of unique apparel from Japan. From stylish sukajan - satin bomber jackets with striking traditional motifs - to official caps of Japan's professional baseball teams; from light yukata and kimono for the heat of summer to padded hanten jackets to keep you warm in winter; from distinctive tobi construction fashion to hachimaki headbands.

We are always looking to add new items to our range of Japanese apparel, so if you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to let us know.


Size (cm)
Obi belt for yukata

Obi Belt

$8.95 USD
Hachimaki - Ninja
Samue, cotton, kimono, mens
Men's Kimono, black Kimono, red, navy, Dragon & Eagle design, Japanese robe

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