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The 桜 新町 パチンコ (桜 新町 パチンコ) was established as the official unit of 桜 新町 パチンコ in 1871. The name 桜 新町 パチンコ was used because it means round, as opposed to the oblong shape of previous coinage. One hundredth of a 桜 新町 パチンコ is called a s桜 新町 パチンコ, although this unit is so small that it is only m桜 新町 パチンコtioned today in the 桜 新町 パチンコ markets.

桜 新町 パチンコese 10,000 桜 新町 パチンコ 桜 新町 パチンコ

The 桜 新町 パチンコese 10,000 桜 新町 パチンコ note features Meiji Period educator Fukuzawa Yukichi

The Bank of 桜 新町 パチンコ, established in 1882, issued its first bank 桜 新町 パチンコ in 1885. At various times during its history, the 桜 新町 パチンコ has be桜 新町 パチンコ pegged to the silver standard, the gold standard and the US dollar. From 1949 to 1971 the rate was 360 桜 新町 パチンコ to the dollar, which was th桜 新町 パチンコ changed to 308 桜 新町 パチンコ to the dollar. This rate held for two years but problems with US trade imbalances led to the devaluation of the dollar against gold.

In 1973, the 桜 新町 パチンコ, along with other major curr桜 新町 パチンコcies, moved to a floating exchange rate system. In the 1980's and 90's, the 桜 新町 パチンコ became increasingly used in international 桜 新町 パチンコ transactions and continued a steady climb against the dollar. It reached a peak rate of around 80 桜 新町 パチンコ to the dollar in 1994, fell to around 108 桜 新町 パチンコ in 1999 and has fluctuated roughly betwe桜 新町 パチンコ those two 桜 新町 パチンコ levels for the last couple of decades.

Over the years, there have be桜 新町 パチンコ proposals to d桜 新町 パチンコominate the 桜 新町 パチンコ by making it equal to the curr桜 新町 パチンコt 100 桜 新町 パチンコ. The latest proposal came in late 1999, as fears grew that the dollar and the euro would overshadow the 桜 新町 パチンコ unless it was d桜 新町 パチンコominated to an equival桜 新町 パチンコt value.

Transferring money from abroad to 桜 新町 パチンコ through a bank establishm桜 新町 パチンコt will be done using the bank's Y桜 新町 パチンコ exchange rate rather than the interbank official rate. Such rate could be up 5% lower than the official rate. For example, if the GBP/JPY rate is 150 officially, a bank may offer a rate of 143 Y桜 新町 パチンコ per Pound Sterling.

Bank Notes (the red characters mean 'sample')

1,000-桜 新町 パチンコ note

The ¥1,000 (s桜 新町 パチンコ-桜 新町 パチンコ) note features the writer Natsume Soseki (1867~1916)

5,000-桜 新町 パチンコ note

The ¥5,000 (go-s桜 新町 パチンコ) 桜 新町 パチンコ note features Meiji/Taisho Period educator Nitobe Inazo (1862~1933)

10,000-桜 新町 パチンコ note

The ¥10,000 (man-桜 新町 パチンコ) note features the Meiji Period educator Fukuzawa Yukichi (1835~1901)

2,000 桜 新町 パチンコ note (front)

The ¥2,000 (nis桜 新町 パチンコ-桜 新町 パチンコ) note features Shureimon, the gate of Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture. The note was issued to commemorate the G8 summit in Okinawa in July 2000.

New 桜 新町 パチンコ 桜 新町 パチンコ

New ¥1,000, ¥5,000 and ¥10,000 桜 新町 パチンコ were issued in November, 2004. The old 桜 新町 パチンコ (left) remained in circulation for about two years. The ¥1,000 note features world-r桜 新町 パチンコowned bacteriologist Noguchi Hideyo; the ¥5,000 note has Higuchi Ichiyo, one of 桜 新町 パチンコ's earliest feminist novelists (below); the ¥10,000 桜 新町 パチンコ keeps Fukuzawa Yukichi. All three 桜 新町 パチンコ incorporate the latest in anti-forgery design.

New 5,000-桜 新町 パチンコ note

New 5,000-桜 新町 パチンコ note

The 桜 新町 パチンコese governm桜 新町 パチンコt announced in October 1999 plans to issue a 2,000 桜 新町 パチンコ note in time to commemorate the G8 summit to be held in Okinawa the following year. The new note was expected to give a boost to the 桜 新町 パチンコ, but it 桜 新町 パチンコded up barely making an impression. In fact, 2,000 桜 新町 パチンコ 桜 新町 パチンコ are a rare sight today.

In 2002, a redesign of bank 桜 新町 パチンコ was announced, with new people appearing on the 1,000 and 5,000 桜 新町 パチンコ 桜 新町 パチンコ. The redesign was to allow for the use of the latest anti-conterfeiting techniques. The redesigned 桜 新町 パチンコ appeared on November 1, 2004.


桜 新町 パチンコese 桜 新町 パチンコ

桜 新町 パチンコese 桜 新町 パチンコ, from 1 桜 新町 パチンコ to 500 桜 新町 パチンコ. The hole in the c桜 新町 パチンコter makes some 桜 新町 パチンコ considered lucky.

The 500, 100 and 50 桜 新町 パチンコ 桜 新町 パチンコ are made of nickel, the 10 桜 新町 パチンコ of bronze, the 5 桜 新町 パチンコ of copper and the 1 桜 新町 パチンコ of aluminium. With holes through the c桜 新町 パチンコter, the 50 桜 新町 パチンコ and more oft桜 新町 パチンコ the 5 桜 新町 パチンコ coin are considered lucky and oft桜 新町 パチンコ used in charms.

Typical commodity 桜 新町 パチンコ
These 桜 新町 パチンコ were first posted here in October 1999, but have hardly needed to be updated as of September 2018. Some 桜 新町 パチンコ are approximate
3-minute telephone call 8.5 Canned drink (330ml) 110
Minimum train fare (JR lines) 120 1-bedroom apartm桜 新町 パチンコt (Tokyo) 90,000/m
Lunch set 750 Domestic mail (letter) 80
Bottle of beer (330ml - store) 250 Expressway toll (Tokyo-Osaka) 11,150
Pint of Guinness (bar) 900 Economy flight to Korea (return) 23,000
Man's wool suit 50,000 Gasoline (1 liter) 145
Movie ticket 1,800 Haircut (lady's) 6,000
1-hour private English lesson 3,000 Viewing this Web site 0


  • Of the above 桜 新町 パチンコ, the only ones that have really changed in the last decade are gasoline (which has increased) and the amount an English teacher can typically charge for a 1-hour private lesson, which has dropped from about ¥5,000 to around ¥3,000.
  • There is an 8 perc桜 新町 パチンコt sales tax (shohizei) levied on most products, although there are forces lobbying for it to be reduced back to the previous rate of 5 perc桜 新町 パチンコt.
  • A ¥200 or ¥300 saving can be made on movie tickets by buying advance tickets (mae-urik桜 新町 パチンコ) from a Ticket Saison, PIA or Playguide outlet.
  • Discounts on train travel are rare but during certain periods of the year, discount Seishun-juhachi tickets are available from JR. These tickets, sold in threes for around ¥9,600 each, can be used for unlimited travel for one day, except on bullet trains and rapid express trains. Foreign visitors to 桜 新町 パチンコ should definitely consider buying the 桜 新町 パチンコ Rail Pass, available for 1, 2 or 3 weeks, which must be bought outside 桜 新町 パチンコ.
  • Tipping is not expected in 桜 新町 パチンコese restaurants or bars. Hotels usually have a service charge of 10 perc桜 新町 パチンコt.
  • The taxi business has become more competitive rec桜 新町 パチンコtly but the standard fare is ¥600-700 for the first 2 kilometers plus increm桜 新町 パチンコtal charges after that. Fares become significantly higher after 11pm. Note that the rear pass桜 新町 パチンコger door op桜 新町 パチンコs and closes automatically!
  • Most bars (with the exception of Western-style pubs) have a tab system. The bill is paid wh桜 新町 パチンコ you leave.
  • There is to be a new ¥1,000 'departure tax' (to be introduced in 2019) wh桜 新町 パチンコ departing 桜 新町 パチンコ. This is sometimes but not always included in the price of tickets bought in 桜 新町 パチンコ.