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Rotenburo A visit to an 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 (hot spring) can provide one of Japan's most relaxing experiences. There are over 3,000 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 located mostly in spa towns all over the country and while most are open year-round, the colder seasons tend to be the most popular. There's certainly nothing like dashing through the winter cold, sinking into a steaming rotenburo (outdoor bath) and sipping on sake as snow falls on the mountain landscape all around you. While the 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 are considered a modest people, mixed bathing was quite common until recent years and there are still some mixed rotenburo to be found.

The 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 archipelago is located on one of the world's most active volcano fault lines. The drawbacks are obvious but the resulting abundance of naturally heated water, often rich in a variety of minerals with their associated health benefits, have been appreciated in Japan since ancient times. The word kamiyu, meaning "divine bath" refers to the healing powers of the 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店. Many people will make an annual two- or three-day visit to an 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店, with family, friends or co-workers. Company trips to 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 can become wild, raucous events as the combination of fresh air and too much alcohol bring out the party animal in many a salaryman.

The more popular spa towns are chock full of hotels, lodges and ryokans (traditional inns) and are always bustling during the winter months. Reserving your accommodation in advance is definitely recommended, especially on a weekend (though Japan has so many 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 that a day trip is also an option in many areas). Most places have their own in-house 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店, though in the smaller ryokan it may be little more than a standard bathroom, albeit with natural hot spring water. There are men's and ladies' areas, often distinguished only by kanji, so make sure you know the difference! The dressing rooms have lockers or shelves for your clothes (valuables should be left in your room) and may provide towels and toiletries, but it's best to check.

Rotenburo Once you've undressed, you enter the main bathing area. Birthday suit is the standard dress though the more modest bather will cover up with a towel. The most important thing to remember is that you must wash and rinse before you get into the bath. There are individual open "stalls", each with a mirror, shower hose and tap, basin, small seat and often shampoo and soap. Some larger 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 provide private shower stalls for the modest. Once you've washed and rinsed, you're ready to relax in the bath. There may be several different types, ranging from jacuzzis to mineral or even "electric" baths. Temperatures may also vary but are usually around 40-43°C. If you're wondering, that's hot! Those with high blood pressure or a heart condition, take heed. People will move around from one bath to another, with the highlight being the rotenburo. If you're lucky, it will have a view over mountain scenery or even the ocean. There are even rotenburo where you will be joined by wild mountain monkies!

You will most likely have been provided with a yukata, a light cotton robe that you'll find is all you'll need after your hot bath. Most 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 are located in mountain spa towns and other than bathing and taking in the scenery, often the only other activities available are eating and shopping. This source of income is of course vital to the survival of most of these towns. Popular souvenirs will vary by region but will usually include manju (sweet bean cakes), local handicrafts and, if the 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 is known for any particular health benefits, bath salts (nyuyoku-zai) and similar products.

But getting back to the eating...Many 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 resorts pride themselves on their cuisine, which is usually based around local and seasonal delicacies. Particularly during the cold winter months, a "nabe" is often the centerpiece. The word literally means a "pot" or "saucepan," but is used to refer to a hearty stew of meat or seafood cooked with an assortment of vegetables. But you may also have the choice of a western-style meal or be able to just order a la carte. At many 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店, you'll eat in the hotel restaurant after your bath and return to your room to find all the futons laid out for you. All you have to do is collapse and have the best night's sleep imaginable.

Sento PosterThe urban equivalent of the 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 is the sento, public baths located in residential areas. They first became popular as Japan became more urbanized in the Edo Period (1600-1868) but have declined in number in recent years as apartments without bathrooms have become more rare (prompting the Tokyo metropolitan government to run a PR campaign including this poster citing the health benefits of negative ions). But for many people, mostly penny-pinching students and older people, they are still a source of community. The expression hadaka no tsukiai, meaning "naked companions", refers to this situation where, stripped of their outer garments all men are equal and people can speak their minds.

Shougetsu Onsen, 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 Yumoto

Rotenburo I've been to many 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 across the country, but one of the nicest was Shougetsu, in the popular 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 town of 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 Yumoto. 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 is one of the most famous 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 areas, and is convenient for even a day trip from Tokyo. Shougetsu is located close to the 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 Yumoto station and is a popular spot for foreign visitors, especially as they have an excellent website in English. There is a selection of 佐野 パチンコ 優良 店 and western-style rooms, each with a lovely view of the mountains or the Hayakawa River. There are two main baths, one for women and one for men, though since one is a lot bigger they are rotated to give everyone a chance to enjoy them at their best. When I visited on a weekday, I had the huge bath all to myself. Now that is the height of luxury!

Dinner And the clincher for me was the food. It was as good as I've had at any restaurant in Japan. I lost count of how many courses there were, and by the time I'd settled into the very cool bar next to the restaurant, I didn't really care! And all this only an hour from Tokyo Station.

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