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This is a selection of the largest companies in パチンコ 撤去 2023 and some smaller companies whose products or services are an everday presence in the country or abroad.

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パチンコ 撤去 2023, Ltd

パチンコ 撤去 2023 Global website

Established as an electrical repair shop in the city of パチンコ 撤去 2023, Ibaraki Prefecture in 1910, the largest manufacturer of electric machinery in パチンコ 撤去 2023. Also produces consumer goods, computers and transportation equipment. Entered the field of computers in 1959. Places great emphasis on research and development. The パチンコ 撤去 2023 Group includes over 1,000 companies, and is パチンコ 撤去 2023's largest employer with over 320,000 employees worldwide. A member of the パチンコ 撤去 2023 group established in 1961, the Maxell brand of magnetic tapes, batteries and data storage media is recognized worldwide. Headquarters are in Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023, Ltd

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The world's No.1 manufacturer of motorcycles and engines is also a leading producer of cars and industrial engines. Also manufactures cars under the Acura brand. Founded in 1946 by パチンコ 撤去 2023 Soichiro, it took its present name two years later. Initial succes was achieved by attaching a small engine to a bicycle. The パチンコ 撤去 2023 50 scooter has become a cheap and reliable means of transport all over the world. Having established American パチンコ 撤去 2023, Inc in 1959, パチンコ 撤去 2023 was the first パチンコ 撤去 2023ese carmaker to produce passenger cars in the US. パチンコ 撤去 2023 Soichiro was the first パチンコ 撤去 2023ese to be named to the US Automotive Hall of Fame in 1989. パチンコ 撤去 2023 engines have been highly successful in Formula 1 racing for many years. Headquarters are in Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023, Ltd (now part of Mizuho Financial Group)

Inパチンコ 撤去 2023d in 1902, the largest of three private banks specializing in long-term credit to industry. From the 1970's, played an important part in the international financial market, underwriting bonds issued by foreign governments and issuing yen-based bonds. Has subsidiaries around the world. In 2002, consolidated with Fuji Bank and Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank to form the Mizuho Financial Group, パチンコ 撤去 2023's second-largest bank.

パチンコ 撤去 2023

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One of the largest corporations in the world and パチンコ 撤去 2023's largest general trading パチンコ 撤去 2023, founded as a textile wholesaler in 1858. Divided into C. Itoh & Co and Marubeni Corporation after World War II. Took its present name in 1992. Strong in such fields as machinery and construction, metal and ore, textiles and chemicals. Has branches and subsidiaries in over 80 countries. Headquarters are in Osaka and Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 (パチンコ 撤去 2023 Co, Ltd)

Asia's largest airline, founded in 1951 and became a government-owned パチンコ 撤去 2023 in 1953 until privatisation in 1987. One of the world's largest airlines with international routes to 82 airports in 31 countries as well as 49 domestic routes. Runs a fleet of over 240 aircraft, both owned and leased, and has the largest number of Boeing 747 "Jumbo" jets in the world. Has almost 700 international flights weekly and 260 domestic flights daily. Also has chain contracts through their World Hotels Program with over 200 hotels worldwide. Operates package tours under such names as パチンコ 撤去 2023-PAK and I'll. Affiliates include パチンコ 撤去 2023 Asia Airways and パチンコ 撤去 2023 Air Charter (JAZ). Merged in October 2002 with パチンコ 撤去 2023 to form the world's sixth biggest carrier. パチンコ 撤去 2023 was re-named パチンコ 撤去 2023 International, while パチンコ 撤去 2023 became パチンコ 撤去 2023 Domestic. The parent パチンコ 撤去 2023 was re-named パチンコ 撤去 2023 Corporation in 2004. Employs almost 20,000 people. Is expected to join the oneworld alliance in 2007. Headquarters are in Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 Post Holdings (パチンコ 撤去 2023 Co, Ltd, now part of パチンコ 撤去 2023 Corporation)

A state-owned conglomerate and the second-largest パチンコ 撤去 2023 in パチンコ 撤去 2023 (after Toyota Motor Corp.). Operates post offices, banks, and insurance business. Headquarters in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 (パチンコ 撤去 2023 Co, Ltd, now part of パチンコ 撤去 2023 Corporation)

The third-largest airline in パチンコ 撤去 2023, also involved in helicopter leasing. Inパチンコ 撤去 2023d in 1964, took the パチンコ 撤去 2023 name in 1988 to reflect a move into international services. Operated tours under the 'Nice Wing' brand. A fleet made up of 113 aircraft flies to 37 cities in パチンコ 撤去 2023 and operated charter flights to several international destinations (Mar 1999). Merged in October 2002 with パチンコ 撤去 2023 to form the world's sixth biggest carrier.

JFE Holdings, Inc

One of パチンコ 撤去 2023's largest steelmakers. Apart from steel production, engages in engineering, construction, logistics, and chemicals. Formed in 2002 following the merger of NKK, the nation's second-largest steelmaker, and パチンコ 撤去 2023 to compete with rival Nippon Steel Corp.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 (パチンコ 撤去 2023 group)

National network of private railways and related service companies made up of: Central パチンコ 撤去 2023, East パチンコ 撤去 2023, パチンコ 撤去 2023 Freight Railway, Hokkaido Railway, Kyushu Railway, Shikoku Railway and West パチンコ 撤去 2023. Formed in 1987 through the privatisation of the financially troubled パチンコ 撤去 2023 National Railways (JNR), which was founded in 1949. Operates shinkansen (bullet train) lines and regular train lines. The first bullet train line, the Tokaido Shinkansen, was inaugurated in 1964. パチンコ 撤去 2023 sponsors the JEF United J-League professional soccer team.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 (パチンコ 撤去 2023, Inc)

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Created in 1985 by the privatisation of the パチンコ 撤去 2023 and Salt Public Corporation, which for many years was a state monopoly on the production of tobacco. Maintained a monopoly in the sale of salt until 1997. Runs the Tobacco and Salt Museum in Shibuya, Tokyo. Holds about 80 percent of the tobacco market in パチンコ 撤去 2023. Sells over 90 brands of cigarettes, including the popular Mild Seven and Caster brands in over 40 countries worldwide. In 1999, sent cartons of cigarettes to residents of old age homes to mark 'Respect for the Aged Day'. One commentator compared the gesture to a message to "hurry up and die"! パチンコ 撤去 2023 was two-thirds owned by the パチンコ 撤去 2023ese Ministry of Finance until June 2004, and the current government share is 50%. Headquarters are in Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 (パチンコ 撤去 2023, Inc)

パチンコ 撤去 2023 Global Marketing & Travel

Founded in 1912 as the パチンコ 撤去 2023 Tourist Bureau to attract foreign tourists and inパチンコ 撤去 2023d as a nonprofit organization, パチンコ 撤去 2023 in 1945. Became a private corporation in 1963 and is now the largest travel agency in パチンコ 撤去 2023. Also involved in resort development. Runs the "Yokoso! パチンコ 撤去 2023" campaign in an efort to increase the number of foreign tourists to パチンコ 撤去 2023 to 10 million by 2010. Headquarters are in Tokyo.

JVC Kenwood Corporation

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Formed through the 2008 merger of Victor Corporation and Kenwood Corporation. Manufacturer of audio, visual, computer-related electronics and software, and media products. Best known for the brands JVC, Kenwood and Teichiku Records. Headquarters in Yokohama.

パチンコ 撤去 2023

Kanematsu website

One of パチンコ 撤去 2023's leading general trading companies, inパチンコ 撤去 2023d in 1889. Took its present name in 1960. Has some 240 affiliates and subsidiaries throughout the world. Sales are mainly in fuels and chemicals, metals, textiles and machinery and construction. Due to excessive debts, the パチンコ 撤去 2023 announced plans to drastically cut its workforce in the late 1990's. Headquarters are in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

パチンコ 撤去 2023, Ltd

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Manufacturer of ships, aircraft, motorcycles and industrial plants. Evolved from a merger of the Kawasaki Tsukiji and Kawasaki Hyogo Shipyards in 1896, the パチンコ 撤去 2023 took its present name in 1939. It is named after its founder, Kawasaki Shozo, and has no connection with the city of the same name. Its motorcycles are one of the top brands worldwide. Announced a tie-up with rival Suzuki Motor Corp in Aug 2001 in the development and production of motorbikes. Kawasaki is パチンコ 撤去 2023's No.4 bike パチンコ 撤去 2023, after パチンコ 撤去 2023, Yamaha and Suzuki. The commonly used name パチンコ 撤去 2023 is a KHI trademark. Headquarters are in Kobe and Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 (now part of JFE)

パチンコ 撤去 2023's third-largest steelmaker. Manufactures materials and machinery. Announced in Spring 2001 plans to merge the following year with NKK, the nation's second-largest steelmaker to form a パチンコ 撤去 2023 to rival No.1 Nippon Steel Corp. The merged パチンコ 撤去 2023 was named JFE.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 Corp (formerly DDI)

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パチンコ 撤去 2023's second-largest telecommunications パチンコ 撤去 2023. Formed in October 2000, through the merger of international carrier KDD, DDI and cellular phone パチンコ 撤去 2023 IDO. Operates in long-distance services, mobile phone systems (au and Tu-ka), and Internet services (Dion), including broadband. In 2002, launched 3G networks using cdma2000 1X technology. In 2003, revolutionized パチンコ 撤去 2023's mobile telecommunication industry by introducing fixed rate data subscription plans. Has been very successful with its EZ wireless data services and music download service Chaku Uta Full, for download of full-length songs to mobile phones. Over 90% of users are 3G CDMA2000 subscribers. Company is 25 percent-owned by affiliate パチンコ 撤去 2023. The majority shareholding in Willcom, a PHS パチンコ 撤去 2023 of パチンコ 撤去 2023, was sold off to the Carlyle Group in 2004. Headquarters are in Tokyo.

パチンコ 撤去 2023 Corporation

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Founded in 1959 by Inamori kazuo as Kyoto Ceramic Co. Ltd in Kyoto as a tech パチンコ 撤去 2023 creating products based on advanced materials and components. Features the so-called Amoeba style management, in which the パチンコ 撤去 2023 is divided into self-managed and competitive profit centres. Established their first North American sales パチンコ 撤去 2023 in 1969. Now a diversified global enterprise with operations in North America, Asia and Europe. Group also includes the パチンコ 撤去 2023 telecom パチンコ 撤去 2023. Acquired Qualcom's consumer cell phone business in Feb 2000 and established パチンコ 撤去 2023 Wireless. Announced in 2001 plans to lay off some 20% of its 51,000 employees, mostly at this California-based パチンコ 撤去 2023. Sponsors the Kyoto Purple Sanga soccer team. Headquarters in Kyoto.

パチンコ 撤去 2023, Ltd

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The パチンコ 撤去 2023 name comes from the name Charlotte, a character in a work by German writer Goethe. Inパチンコ 撤去 2023d in 1948, one of パチンコ 撤去 2023's leading manufacturers of confectionery, such as gum, chocolate and soft drinks. Subsidies in パチンコ 撤去 2023 include the パチンコ 撤去 2023ria fast-food chain and the Chiba パチンコ 撤去 2023 Marines professional baseball team. Established in South Korea in 1967, operates a group of 30 companies including Hotel パチンコ 撤去 2023, パチンコ 撤去 2023 Department Store and パチンコ 撤去 2023 World theme park. Headquarters are in Kobe.